If Trees Could Speak


I feel  trees have life as do the animals and humans. They feel and react but rave no language or tongue to express their feelings. Only if they had the power of speech, they would express themselves in much the same way as we do. Leaves would say how they hate winter that heralds their impending death. Tree trunks would boast to one another of their advanced age and experience. Fruits would tell stories about their childhood. Branches would talk about the visits they have had from their insect, bird and animal friends. The spring would have sweet songs of welcome from them.

The trees would also react to express their pain. They would say ‘ouch’, if the leaves on their branches were pricked. They would be found screaming with pain, if we were cruel enough to break their twigs or branches. Leaves would say how they hate winter that heralds their impending death. Tree trunks would boast to one another of their advanced age and experience. Fruits would tell stories about their childhood. Branches would talk about the visits they have had from their insect, bird and animal friends. The spring would have sweet songs of welcome from them. The trees would also react to express their pain. They would say ‘ouch’, if the leaves on their branches were pricked. They would be found screaming with pain, if we were cruel enough to break their twigs or branches.

Even if trees cannot speak, their agony and bitterness has been forcefully expressed by a number of poets and environmentalists. Botanists too have repeatedly reminded us what the trees need and how great their usefulness is for us. It is for us to give them their due and by saving them save the very survival of the earth. If trees are gone, our Mother Planet would not have any trace of life, whatsoever.

Spas – for the Rich & Famous


Spas today immediately conjure up in one’s mind images of a relaxing environment with one dressed in a robe and osho slippers listening to soothing music, sipping herbal concoctions and eating healthy designer meals. Life is supposed to be simplified in a spa with no distractions and work obligations focusing just on the well being of the client.

Today there are different kinds of spas – health, day, retreat, beauty, resort and detoxification. Health spas are about instant rejuvenation quite like the instant Maggie noodles that we are familiar with. Treatments in these spas are designed not just to work fast but to also provide visible instant results. Most spas offer five star facilities and are largely the destination of the rich and the famous. These spas that exclusively cater to the glitterati are generally situated in resorts. The rich pay huge amounts to get them off their dependence on substances and to get their lives back on tracks. The champagne dreams and caviar kisses that’s what luxury is all about in the spas. They are aimed at pampering the already pampered.

With less time these days for relaxation, these spas are minting money as popular vacation getaways for the rich to unwind. The idea is to be able to get mental and spiritual harmony by spending money realigned in a spa to be able to hit the road again.

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Yellow Journalism


In the late 18th century America’s New York World was owned by Joseph Pulitzer and the New York Journal was owned by Randolph Hearst. The term yellow journalism was first coined during the newspaper wars between these two leading newspapers. In an attempt to increase sales both these papers changed the content of their newspapers, adding more sensationalised stories and increasing the use of cartoons and drawings. In 1896, Pulitzer published a cartoon of his own called the Yellow Kid. Yellow Kid was an overnight success. Pulitzer built the New York World into the highest circulating and most popular newspaper in New York. The mix of solid news coverage with sensationalism made for a heady mix and the citizens of New York lapped it up. Eventually Hearst managed to lure many of Pulitzer’s staff to his paper. Their rivalry only served to stoke the competition. The news was largely over dramatised and altered so that it would evoke strong interest from the public. The term Yellow Kid became synonymous with sensationalised stories that discredited the stories of other papers. Somewhere along the way objectivity had been compromised. When Remington one of Hearst’s reporters sent him a telegram from Cuba stating that there was not much going on there. Hearst wrote back saying ‘you furnish the pictures and I will furnish the war’.

Yellow Journalism is now over hundred years old. Back then it emphasized on sex, violence and crime sprinkled liberally with emotionalism, inaccuracies and exaggerations. Most journalists claim that Yellow Journalism has now been replaced with informed, intelligent and unbiased reporting. They claim that the Yellow Kid is now dead. But critics beg to differ. Their views are amply supported by the news articles we see in paper these days and the new that is broadcasted to us throughout the day. It is increasingly apparent today that Yellow Journalism sells. Sex and violence are the most important topics after money. Television has taken it a step further. The line between news and entertainment is so distorted, one can hardly tell the difference anymore.

The newspapers carry articles based on the claims of unnamed sources that are given an opportunity to express baseless allegations. Journalists seem to increasingly display motives that have nothing to do with social consciences and the disclosure of injustice. They are not aimed at uncovering the truth. They no longer carry the voice of the voiceless. The goal of journalism today is profit and record sales. It is the new face of Yellow Journalism – news that is tainted and smacks of unprofessionalism, news that feeds off the lives of celebrities. A good example of Yellow Journalism is that associated with the death of Princess Diana. To what level does one stop? Has the need of sensationalism so superseded the need for truth that journalists are ready to drive the truth in to the ground? Where does Yellow Journalism draw the line?

Closer home the much talked about wedding of Aishwarya Rai to Abhishek Bachchan was covered like no other. Hours on end, channels showed reporters contemplating the type of Mehndi Aishwarya would chose to have it done. It was hilarious the amount of prime time TV that was wasted on the speculations of who would be invited to the wedding. Surely there were more newsworthy stories.

The absence of truth and propriety in newspapers today, the poverty of serious interest in reporting news as is without sensationalising it is what makes one believe that Yellow Journalism has not yet been done with. It is still Yellow only a different shade perhaps.

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Happy Homes Are Always Happy



The rain releases us from the heat but it’s a season when our home and family needs special care and attention. From damp clothes and furniture to dirty floors, the monsoons get really messy. No matter how much we all enjoy getting drenched in the rains; one always longs for the warm cosy corner of the house.


During the monsoons most of us, keep the windows shut to be water free. While it is a good habit, but make sure to open up the windows as soon as the rain stops to let the sunlight enter the room. This removes dampness and moisture from home.

It is better to roll away fancy carpets and opt for quick-dry rugs instead if you love decorating the floor. Always go for easy breathable furnishings as opposed to velvets and other luxurious fabrics and we can store them away till the next festive season arrives.

Always have an electrician on fast dial or let him check and fix all faulty or worn-out wiring immediately. Buying a few power surge protectors for appliance and other gadgets are safely so that they aren’t affected when lightning strikes all of a sudden. It is good to have an emergency light handy.

Move the green beauties (the plants) out of indoors for the monsoon and watch them grow and flourish. Once the rainy season is over, trim them nicely and bring them in.


Dripping roofs cause needless hassles and ruins monsoons. It is advisable to repair the leaks in the roofs and walls of the house. There are coatings to fix leaks in the roofs. A temporary solution is to cover the damaged roofs with plastic sheets, but the best thing is to use adhesives and sealants for sealing openings in the roof, & walls by #DrFixit products such as Dampguard, Raincoat and Wonderproof. The tiles at bathrooms or kitchen which have complains can be grouted with way out from #Roff which provides solutions related to tiles, waterproofing and sanitary issues. You can contact them to get it fixed.

Rains bring in the problem of poor sanitary during heavy rainfall. Therefore, it is important that you take of your drainage system and repair damages as soon as possible. It is good to use neem leaves, cloves or naphthalene balls inside cupboards to prevent growth and entrance of pests.


Water is a vital part of our lives and during monsoons, everyone sweats more and minerals are flushed out from our bodies, to prevent this, it is important to have purified water or always boil water before drinking as 97% of viruses and bacteria as killed during boiling. Uninterrupted rains makes the body temperature drop abruptly, it is important to for us to have hot drinks or foods like hot soups, milk, chocolate milk, healthy noodles and herbal teas which keeps the digestion balanced while keeping our bodies warm. The monsoon is hard on the stomach and throat too. Home-made fresh juices, warm drinks like honey lemon tea, green tea up immunity. Monsoon is unavoidable arriving yearly; to make sure you are prepared for the season, invest in some good rain wear before the monsoon starts such as wide and strong umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots, an extra pair of socks and handkerchiefs.

With rains comes the lethal flu, viral fevers, dengue fever, malaria fever which is caused by mosquitoes or flies who culture in the water deposited nearby houses. To avoid these lethal diseases, do not keep any utensil or matter in open that may store water. Have familiarity of the symptoms for these diseases and immediately consult a doctor in case you find the same symptoms in your family members.

With this we are more than ready to handle monsoon and everything else that comes with it. All these useful tips for home care will definitely make you experience comfortable living with the rains. Prevention is always better than cure; my advice is to keep your eyes open when the rainy season comes calling. Happy and Healthy Monsoons!


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“I always wanted to…”

Shakespeare and Company: A Legendary Bookstore in Paris

I’ve always wanted to be extraordinarily knowledgeable and you don’t get that from a different kind of job other than to own a bookstore. Most of the successful writers have owned bookstores. I like being surrounded by smart people, I feel it boosts my own potential, and where else would one find all the smartness under one roof except in a bookstore?

I often dream about owning a bookstore with a cafe serving one of the best coffees in town with varieties of cakes. Bookstore is a place where everyone can gain and acquire knowledge thus be inspiring, and the messages which books carry are so powerful that they revolutionize our lives. I just really like books; I really like coffee; and I like hanging out in bookstores.

For an English major like with me a PhD in Business Management, bookstores have a consecrated class, the silence of a temple crowded with fictitious figures, with no statues or stained glass, only names of the demigods written on the colourful spines coating the shelves. I don’t think people will stop reading, or buying, paper books anytime soon in this age of e-books.

Surrounded by the smell of good books and brewing coffee, maybe even some Chinese board games, pretty wooden chairs, with a strict note – ipads and kindles not allowed, nesting bibliophiles is a world where I always travel to where I find myself owning a bookstore.

I want to give people that they’re proud of, a place where there’s always something happening, be it an author event, a reading group, a coffee morning, an evening of music or poetry, or just a place where they can be inspired by something they find on the shelves.

I love people, I love talking to them. I want to know everything about them and when the interaction has to do with books or reading. I can talk about books forever. And because I believe that books are personal, I feel like I’m really getting to know people when we’re talking about books. My personal reason for wanting to open a bookstore is that I feel like it is the realest, most genuine and personal way that I can connect with people. By designing a space, filling it with books that I’ve chosen, and inviting people into that world, involving them in the making and growth of that world: that feels like inviting them into my life in the realest intellect I can envisage.

Observably I know this dream would not come true, But just to imagine it is enough for me. Luckily, there are people in the world who possess the knowhow and get-up-and-go to turn such dreams into a potentially working reality. I say so because it is getting harder to open such a concern.

For now I feel like I’m walking on clouds” just by sharing my dream and I guess that would actually happen if my dream comes true

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Always classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy


That everything we put on social media is a selfie as we choose to publicly share is meant to be a reflection on who we are via those things. Anything someone posts is as much about what that post says about the person who shared it as it is about the content of the post itself. I kind of love selfies, if for no other reason then they give you pretty direct insight into who a person is. I’m not saying it isn’t legit to judge someone based on their selfie, but if you do, judge them based on the content of their selfie, not merely the fact that they posted one.

Selfies defy the notion that a person should always look amazing but also be very unaware of it, and that we should do whatever we can to make ourselves look awesome, an important part of which is never appearing to be trying to look awesome. Every selfie is a biting little reminder that we’re all just out here online trying to make ourselves look good while attempting to keep up the illusion that we’re here for any other reason.

Selfies are usually a very spur-of-the moment type of thing that aren’t meant to commemorate any particular special occasion. The great thing about selfies is that they can be just what the name implies: all about you. I love taking selfies because there’s no pressure. You’re by yourself or with friends and you can take as few or as many as you like. Selfies challenge the idea that you need a justification to be seen. You’re announcing that you exist in the world and are going about your day.Ultimately, selfies don’t have to be about likes or comments. Sure, everyone enjoys a bit of admiration, but it’s also about your relationship with yourself. You don’t have to apologize for noticing yourself. Drink yourself in. Celebrate yourself. Never feel guilty for announcing your presence. You deserve to fill up space. If you’re feeling down, put on your favorite outfit, attempt a new hairstyle, or just make a funny face. Do whatever feels right.

Whether you’re documenting your strong hair game or just trying to pass the time, it’s your acknowledgement that you’re here and you’re pretty damn awesome. It takes a lot of bravery to post a selfie, so you should be congratulated regardless. Remember that it’s always okay to love yourself and feel proud of yourself. I don’t care if you stare at your reflection in the mirror for an hour, as long as you’re confident. Break out your camera and start snapping.  Embrace yourself with your selfie.

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The #TaxPledge activity – 2


We have heard many a times that every individual whose total income exceeds the maximum exemption limit is obligated to furnish his/her Income Tax Return or ITR. It is every citizen’s obligation to file your income tax returns. Every person with taxable income (over and above the tax exemption limit) should file an income return, even if his tax liabilities have been taken care of by the employer through tax deducted at source (TDS); persons whose salaries have been subject to TDS are also required to file return because they may have earned from sources other than salary (house property income, capital gains, etc.). Many assume that the filing of tax returns is a harrowing experience. There are some myths associated with these filings. A common fear is that the taxman comes knocking at the door if the tax returns is filed. The fact remains that each individual having taxable income has an obligation to file his/her income tax returns for the relevant financial year. The finance minister recently indicated that salaried employees earning below Rs 5 lakh and not having any other sources of income would be exempt from filing the income-tax returns.

The benefits:

  1. It becomes your standard income proof
  2. You can get the loans sanctioned quickly and easily
  3. You can trade in stocks, open bank accounts, get bank credits, make investments etc. and you can do all these with ease if you remain good in the financial institutions books by filing your tax returns.
  4. You can claim your refunds for taxes deducted or paid in excess of your tax liabilities.
  5. Many foreign countries want to know how financially sound you are before they grant you with a visa. So to prove your financial worth, Income tax returns are must.
  6. Not to forget, it is your obligation. The taxes you pay on your income will work towards betterment of our nation.
  7. For professionals and business organisations, Income tax returns are a must to become eligible to secure certain tenders.

Now, filing your income tax returns has become a click away because of e-filing platforms like H&R block. While you file your returns online, the calculations are done automatically thus you are relieved from the hassle of calculations and confusions. You get to know that very moment what money you owe or what would come back to you. Obviously, its accuracy cannot be questioned.  It is easier, convenient and time saving. The money that is owed to you reaches you within weeks whereas if you go by the traditional method it takes time. Online tax returns have broken the notion that government offices have specific fixed hours of working. You may file your returns at any time in day or night. As it becomes more easily accessible, filing returns online also gives you an advantage of checking the status of your refund.

Gone are the days of filing your taxes with pencil and paper and struggling to understand what the form is asking for. These days, doing your taxes online with e-file is not only easier, but much safer than filing them manually. With all these benefits attached to filing your taxes online I am sure you will find no reasons to skip avoid filing the returns and login instead and file them now.

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My Mighty Periods


Recently, a male friend asked me “What’s it like to have a period?” I replied him “Bloody hell.” He laughed, but persisted by musing over the fact that we’ve all been taught about female menstrual cycles in Biology class, but other than that, girls are left to get on with it. All my friend knew was that when his girlfriend was ‘on’, it was his duty to turn up at her house with plenty of ice creams and candies. The pain that many of us feel whilst on our periods is difficult to explain to someone that doesn’t have a womb, or hasn’t begun their periods; certainly, even my own Mum’s explanation to me about a “heavy, draggy down pain” couldn’t quite prepare me for menstrual cramps.

And so, when my male friend asked me about my own experiences with menstruation, a question I hadn’t expected was “How do you cope, with so much blood?” That “so much blood” I thought. This question really got me thinking: how do we get used to menstruating? I realized that after 2 decades, I just get on with it. It’s something I expect, in fact, if it didn’t appear each month I’d get a bit concerned. Quite a lot concerned, actually. I’ve both giggled and sympathized with friends about the inconvenience, the months where it stops and starts, the months when a random, breathtakingly painful cramp hits you, the months when you begin craving food you’ve never even tasted.

Now however, I’ve realized, it’s not something to be ashamed of. Despite Instagram and Facebook’s recent censoring of photographs containing menstrual blood, the backlash against this has empowered me to celebrate my period. I see it as part of becoming a woman. I recognized, when a friend was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (and so cannot have periods,) how sacred they can be. Many many women suffer hugely with them, having all sorts of injections and procedures to cease them completely, which is entirely understandable.

I’ve come to see menstruation for what it is: a representation of my ability to carry a fertilized egg, my future child. One day it will open the door to motherhood, which I personally, see as one thing. A blessing.

And so, the next time I’m asked “What’s it like to have a period?” I think I shall answer with:

“It’s a blessing in disguise and I am HAPPY TO BLEED”

And it will not stop me from finishing the tubs of Baskin Robbins.

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The #TaxPledge activity – 1


Income tax refers to direct tax paid on income to the government within a given financial year. Eligibility for income tax is that any person or sovereign entities can e-file Income Tax Returns when his total income from all sources of income exceeds the maximum amount permissible which is not chargeable to income tax by the government. Filing tax returns is an annual activity which must be fulfilled by every citizen of this nation. This is a means for the government to determine the amount and means of expenditure of the citizens and also provides a platform for the assessee to claim refunds and other forms of relief from taxation as is applicable at that point of time. Even if a person is not eligible for taxes under the current provisions of the IT Act, I strongly feel it is wise to file the returns for the same so as to be on the right side of IT laws.

Processing of home, educational and loans require income tax returns to be shown to the lending institutions. Filing returns makes loans easier to process. It is mandatory to have income tax returns for the processing of any visa. Registration of immovable properties in most states requires production of the tax returns of the last three years. Filing returns makes such registration procedures easier. Issuing of financial instruments such as credit cards, mandates the production of tax returns. Filing returns whether eligible for taxes or not helps pad up legally tenable income which will be useful subsequently to account for the wealth or property owned.

Additionally filing of proper returns on time lends you a peace of mind and declares all your income shown as legal since they have been taxed for. Individuals, companies, partnership firms, LLP, AOI, BLP and HUF are all liable to file the tax returns before the deadline. Having done that, you can enjoy the luxury of filing your income tax returns online from anywhere at anytime with e-filing platforms like H&R block.

Filing Tax Return has now convenient, accurate, paperless, time-saving and secured since the time it has become just a click away. But while you turn to filing income tax returns online make sure that you cross check your address on the form, your return is being mailed to the right server. All pages must have your name with details on front as well as back.

All your income is legal and white money now, thus making you a responsible citizen and contributing in Swachh (Clean) Bharat (India) Abhyaan(Campaign) in true sense. I am sure; you are highly motivated now and can’t wait to file your returns.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Secretly Yours


Blurb: Everyone has secrets . . . but is hers the most shocking? Orphaned at birth, seventeen-year-old Sahil has always blamed himself for his parents’ death. He has little interest in life until he meets the enigmatic Anya in a chance encounter during the Shimla fest. Soon he falls head over heels in love with her, but Anya doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. An accident leaves him in a coma and when he wakes up he makes a startling discovery-he can read minds! Now he can find out what goes on in Anya’s mind and maybe, just maybe, make her fall in love with him. But is Anya all she seems? Or is she hiding something? Deliciously plotted, full of morbid secrets and startling revelations, Secretly Yours will make you question what you see and who you trust.

About the Author : Vikrant Khanna is a captain in the Merchant Navy. He is the bestselling author of When Life Tricked Me and Love Lasts Forever. Apart from writing, he is fond of composing songs and playing the guitar. He lives in New Delhi.

Review: Having read earlier books by Vikrant Khanna, I was not surprised how well he has written his new book. The story being erratic made it a well read for me. This is a love story of the protagonist Sahil, 17 years old who falls in love with Anya and the story is about Will Sahil able to succeed in his mission & able to get his love? I highly suggest this book to everyone. The story line was interesting and definitely one of those unput-downable types of the recent times. I really liked the part of the mysteries which discloses after every chapter and surprises the mind of the reader. Right from the title, to writing style and the characters, everything is very much ground-breaking, delectably exclusive and well written. This story narrates the individual stories of characters, alongside to the story and the plot adding more weight age. This is one reason enough where the reader can just fall into the story and read till the end. I finished reading the book in 2 hours straight away, it was very fast paced and overwhelming book. The story definitely would make us think on life and death, its cost and the viewpoints of those left behind to live. I am glad this story has a moral that how many regrets a person has, when he disgraces the luxuries of his life. The story has an ideal ending without even asking for.

For the love of Bookstores


I can NEVER fall out of love with bookstores. There were moments of distraction. Who? The Internet. The online stores. Blogs and tweets and photos and endless streams of information. I’ve blogged hundreds of times, tweeted for more than 41000 times. Some of my best opportunities and favorite relationships have started online. But, in 18 years of non-stop online connection, I’ve learned something surprising. The more time I spend online, the more I realize face-to-face interaction matters the most.

Skype is great (read some great reviews on it) so is Facetime. YouTube is a window into world. Nothing beats being in the same space and breathing the same air. I like real conversations, real readings. I like visiting places such as bookstores, see people buying books and sometimes sudden conversations strike up between people, I like watching their body language on their choice of genre. In the ease of the Internet, in the promise of instant, I looked away from bookstores for a minute and when I looked back some had disappeared. They were closed. They were gone. We didn’t just lose a bookstore though; we lost a bit of magic. We lost a bit of wonder. We lost a safe haven where it’s still OK to dream big dreams. Books are not collections of paper; they’re invitations to different worlds. And being in a bookstore is like getting a passport. Best of all, it’s a curated experience.

 Bookstores matter to authors, but more than that, I think they matter to humans. They offer something no Internet site can deliver, they offer space. A room where 40 people or 4 people can get together and discuss an idea. Long live the bookstores.

 What say you, book fans? Do you feel similarly about finding books in a physical space, or do you prefer to browse exclusively online? Do you have independent bookstores that you love? What do you love about them? Leave your thoughts about bookstores.

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To love me




I can’t tell you whether dating a writer is a good or bad idea. I am a writer but no one dated me. All I can say with any certainty is what, roughly, will happen to you if you love a writer. For me the world is too big, too loud, too bright, too close. I disconnect and shut out sometimes. Everyday is different for me. Some days I dont load the machine, shorts dont get changed and conversations have no supply. Some days are procrastination days when I dont feel like writing a single word. Be ready for signing up to have an opinion about everything. Lines, holes, characters, concepts and development and names, or imagery or rhyme schemes or references. There will be days when you need to talk to me. About everything. Possibly twice. These are days when everything gets trapped up in my head clogged between the head and the pen and the only other option is it comes spewing out my mouth. Sometimes brains just need an external hard drive. Listen. Nod. It’ll be okay.

But more than all that, more than anything, be loved by a writer. I am honest, there is no fluff, no sparing of feelings, no stretched truths. No beating around the bush and no lies, even if sometimes it hurts the feelings. Being in a relationship will guarantee honesty and trust. I find the deeper meaning in many things. I am such a person who is designed to break down sentences, put as much meaning as possible into paragraphs, and to always find the hidden story. Putting up walls is simply a speed bump in the journey for I would want to know and tell everything. I am free-spirited and creative. I tend to go with the wind, pick up and change directions often, and to always look at the smaller details rather than the bigger picture. I promise never have a dull moment when in the company of me. Whether it’s going out to dinner, seeing a concert, or traveling, I treat every experience like a story.

For everyone and anyone who reads this, fall in love with a writer because they will not only add you to their story, but also pull your story out of you. They will challenge you in ways you could not possibly imagine and while dating a writer may prove difficult at times, the reward is worth the risk. You will have to deal with their frustration when they are experiencing writer’s block and their immense joy when they’re riding their writer’s high. When their work is done you will be met with a smile worth a million words. The ups and downs of dating a writer will keep you on your toes, but in the end the reward is overwhelming. Fall in love with a writer because the story inside them is more beautiful than anything an ordinary relationship could conjure.

Now I await if someone really wants to date me or be in love with me?

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I discovered Instagram in 2013 Summer. First of all, it’s the one network that made me realize I love taking pictures. I can guarantee that you have also discovered it. Instagram Photos are everywhere. They hang out on your phone or in an email, on Facebook, or Twitter.  They are fun.  And they make the ordinary look awesome with those filters. There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story, Instagram is photo sharing, “reinvented”. The beauty of Instagram is that it is almost like a mini blog post in itself (with an awesome visual component) and lots of space to write the caption. Instagram is its own social media platform in that you can like or “heart” a photo as well as comment.  You can follow others and they can follow you, by adding Friends. Taking a photo, adding a filter, making it look fabulous and then sharing it is fun, there is no doubt about it. Instagram is Free.

I can see details most people miss. I spot flecks of dust everywhere. In many ways it’s a great gift, as it allows me to be successful in visual media arts. But it’s also a curse because I can’t turn it off, see, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t noticing quite so many details. But Instagram gives me an outlet for the results of this freakishly weird curse. And since my pictures appear to bring pleasure to a few people, that makes it alright. Instagram has made me realize that you don’t need a very big, expensive camera to take interesting pictures.

Why do you love Instagram? Let us discuss now.

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I have always loved juttis since I was a kid, because they speak the traditional language in the most fashionable way. They totally uplift any outfit and add to your individual style. I have always worn them with Indian outfits as well as with fusions. I can never grow out of them.

Not sometimes but all the time, I really need in life is a pair of right shoes. No matter how comfortable I think your heels are, I need reliable flats or slipons. Jutti’s does that magic for me.

I can never say,”I have too many shoes!” I love adding new beauties to my collection and given how much time I spend surfing the internet, I often come across gorgeous shoes that make it to my #buylist every other day. I love adding some new style to my present wardrobe.

No matter what I have worn them on jeans/salwars/chudidars and also on pajamas. From school time to college to office, they have been there with me all the time. I remember buying my first pair at Lajpat Nagar market (while I was living in Delhi, followed by Janpath market to Sarojini Nagar to my locality market at Nanak Pura). In Hyderabad (after I shifted), there was amazing store called Zedds which had very few Jutti’s sourced from Punjab which was my place to buy them. They pulled off in 2005, and the handicraft melas (once a year) were my place to buy them and stock for till the next mela. In between I had shopped them at Delhi/Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Now I have no Jutti’s as I am eagerly waiting for the next mela to buy.

The embellishments and thread-work on them is so intricate and beautiful! They are like collections of stars at your feet of silk with gold sequins on sky. Jutti’s are LOVE.

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